Drum Kits for Battery, Live and Orion

3am Boredom Kits Battery 3 .kt3 format – 27MB
3am Boredom Drum Racks Drum Racks format for Ableton Live 7 – 33MB
3am Boredom for Orion Orion sample format – 10MB (Thanks Krim!)

1. Bag kit – A single break beat (this one is from my stash) sampled with a V-Synth and then sliced, diced, warped, filterd, smashed and trashed.

2. Dirt kit – A Eurorack modular (Doepfer, Harvestman, Livewire) pushed through a tube guitar-preamp.

3. Grind – An EMU XL-7 processed with the modular and Reaktor.

4. Plate kit – A found sound percussion loop, sampled with the V-Synth and further fucked up with Reaktor.

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Beetboqz 1.0 (my first Reaktor ensemble)

Here they are! Beetboqz smplr and Beetboqz snth. Two 4-voice sequnced sound generators, 1 sample based and 1 synth based.

Beetboqz 1.1

Beetboqz smpler

Beetboqz snth

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MFM2 Presets!

I have simply fallen in love with this monster of a signal proccesor! U-He’s MFM2 is a daunting peice of kit indeed but with some time and some care I got the basics of it down. This preset pack demonstrates a good deal of the capabilities of MFM2.

3am’s MFM2 Presets

Here is a link to the Urs’ website…



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Remix again…

I just finished a track…

obstacles dear to my heart

Here are the remix files…

24bit/44.1KHz + Midi 96BPM

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Drum Kits and FX Hits

Below are links to drum kits that I’ve made using Battery 3, DKS Pro and tons of processing. I have provided the kits in Battery (.kt3) format, Kontakt (.nki) format and packages of .wav files.

6 Battery 3 Kits

6 Kontakt 2 Kits

6 folders of .wav files

The Battery and Kontakt kits contain a great deal of internal modulation which animate the sounds in ways that are impossible to reproduce with static .wav files. Most of the arrhythmic patterns are set up in choke groups so that they can be triggered in rhythmic sequences.



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3am Sample Pack

I have compiled a new sample library for public consumption. 250 loops as well as a kit for Battery 3.

3am Sample Pack – 259MB

I am not providing the kit separately at the moment; it will be included with a collection of Battery kits I’m currently working on.

It has come to my attention that 2 or three of the loops provided here sound like they were “dBlue Glitch’ed”. I assure you that these were constructed on a Mac (making that quite impossible, though I have used his wonderful software on my PC) through painstaking programming and parameter manipulation.

The loops were constructed using:

Electribe ES-1
Devine Machine Lucifer 2
various Pluggo plugs
Ableton Sampler
Ableton Impulse
Eiosis AirEQ
Smartelectronix Geometer
Ohmforce Ohmboys
AudioDamage FuzzPlus2
Korg Legacy MS-20
Native Instruments Battery 3

I enjoyed creating this stuff, I hope someone can find it useful.


P.S. The BPM labels on the folders only reflect the tempo of the project I was working in while creating the samples. Some of the loops resist fitting a normal tempo. This was not by accident.

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Remix me if you wish

I have finished a song called Delphi Hi-Fi. Pretty much, just break beat mayhem.

Check it out here: delphi hi-fi

For anyone interested I am posting the individual track for remixing. I can’t provide any compensation, other than my appreciation.

Large File 8 x 24bit/44.1KHz .wav = 140MB

Small File 8 x 192KB/s .mp3 = 14.5MB

The tracks tempo is 178 BPM in 4/4 time

I will be posting the results here: KVR Music Cafe



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more random sounds

Not quite beats, not quite melodies… somewhere in between?

Noise Loops 53MB

Enjoy! You have my permission to use these sounds as you wish.

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Loop mangling tutorial

I have attached to this post a text tutorial describing how to manipulate drum loops with Ableton’s Sampler and Simpler. The techniques described there in apply to almost any sample playback software with modulation and FXs.

Sampler Tutorial

I have enclosed a Word “.doc” and an HTML file. The HTML file works flawlessly in Explorer, not so much in FireFox or Safari (it can be read but the images don’t work right). Stay tuned while I learn to make PDFs. Anyway, the samples I have included are for demonstration purposes only; I have given you the building blocks to get the same results in the form of an Ableton Live project with the clips I used to make the demo loops.

Here is about a minute of stuff that can be accomplished just with the techniques I described.


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I make music (which you probably know if you linked here from my site), and anyone who makes music knows that just be cause you’re inspired doesn’t mean you’re going to end up with a complete song. Especially when creating experimental music, I start out making sounds that will make up a song and in the process I end up with pieces that either don’t fit in the context of a song or I feel I can’t live up to the greatness of that one single loop, hit or what have you. Other times, I don’t feel inspired at all, and in an attempt of pure futility I start making sounds in hope that I might be able to use them later. I used to toss out unused loops and sample sets but I then realized that some people (for whatever crazy reason) might want to get their hands on my unused sounds.

Here is a sample: Processed Beats 149MB

These are drum loops I created that didn’t go anywhere. I don’t remember how I made them and no longer have the projects they came from. Use them if you like.

My intention for this blog is to post fresh sounds with the purpose of showing others how to make them. One thing that I learned from a creative writing class I took in High School is to continue creating even if I’m not inspired. This is an exercise, an outlet to prevent creative stagnation. So it’s as useful for me as anyone that decides to use the sounds and information posted here.

In the future I will post tutorials, screen caps and perhaps videos detailing the process of making the sounds I post here. I also hope to have other artists guest post with their approaches to making music. Thanks ahead of time for any input you may have and I hope that you enjoy the noise.


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