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Madder Than You (aka blortblort)
is Allen Somerlot

Growing up in a musical household, it was more less inevitable that Allen would either end up in music or it in him. As for now, it is the latter.
At present, making a living through music is only a fond wish...
"I think I knew that electronic music was *my* music the first time I heard Hot Butter's "Popcorn". Soon after, I was introduced to the music of Tangerine Dream. Then, (as a broke kid must do from time to time...) I took on the easy task of convincing one of my best friends to purchase an Arp Axxe. That about sealed my fate permanently: I knew that no matter where ever life took me, electronic music would be part of me."

3am aka Justin Sullivan, formerly Justin Card

At an early age Justin Sullivan discovered he had creativity that needed an outlet. This creativity escaped him in many forms before he learned to harness it into sound. At first it was focused into the technical fields of recording and production but he felt a drive to make his own voice heard. Making music did not come naturally to him... but it happened and continues to happen. "The sound," he says "is an inevitability. My effort goes into making the sound music to my ears. If the sound is also perceived as music to others, then the effort has returned a reward."

Jazzyspoon aka Jason Pottorff

Jazzyspoon (aka Jason Pottorff) is an experimental music artist in search of making the 'anti-song that everybody will still want to listen to'. While he hasn't quite conquered this dream, his musical endeavors often lead him (and the listener) through bizarre hybrids of genre and style. Even after almost 20 years of writing, performing, and recording various musical projects, he still remains uninterested in gaining anything more than the personal experience, excitement, and expression found in documenting his life through the voice of music.

22tape aka Jared Dunne


zoozither aka polyslax aka matthew turner

brainshowers expected tonight
straining noise through a filter of nostalgia
fried grooves holding down the beat of a parallel reality
melodic snippets tumbling over each other in a hall of mirrors
dense fields of sound where details plummet into open space
this is the essence of polyslax