Best of runagate 2004-2009

Bleeping Ledge


Gun At Ear

Driven Under The All-In-Flux

Biggie Pearl

*reup- Stolen Timespace

Recursions: remixes & covers
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Best of runagate 2004-2009
01 Bower Pallid
02 Grotta della Pace Discothèques
03 Scenestar
04 {s}Narq Hunt
05 Ghoulish Foreplay
06 Elk Helmet 2
07 Kowtow Balaklava
08 Futz Schmucks Über
09 Saul El Pax
10 Batik Poultice
11 Jökul-Hop Abridged
12 Ciselante Dirigible
13 Unevenly Spread
14 StageSweeper
15 Me
rkin Fiberoptique
16 Interoception Bemusement
17 Naïfancée Rôtisserie
18 Mummering Doge
19 Nop Sled
20 Haüs Slāvz
21 Enthalpic Crunch
22 Goes Up Hard
23 How Much Do I Not Give A?
24 Shuddering Dewdroplet
25 Cleft Emulsion
26 False Flag

Bleeping Ledge
01 Futz Schmucks Über
02 Ciselante Dirigible
03 Saul el Pax
04 Elk Helmet 2
05 Hadronic Coquette Embouchure
06 Fillip For Ghee
07 {s}Narq Hunt
08 Ghoulish Foreplay
09 Kowtow Balaklava
10 Goes Up Hard
11 Merkin Fiberoptique
12 Mummering Doge
13 Cleft Emulsion
14 Shuddering Dewdroplet
15 Nop Sled
16 Nubbin Stampede
17 Selected Febrility
18 Interoception Bemusement
19 Protruberalles
20 Impetuous Stiplings
21 Cosying Up To Pericynthian
22 Firmamentize
23 Febrile Jazzercize
24 Garbled Adaptation Screening
25 False Flag

01 Jelly Rollin'
02 Espectral Carroling
03 Jökul-Hop Abridged
04 Bitterns, Relinquish Thine Ionic Halides
05 Hurling Ebb
06 Shorn Kilter
07 Frankenstein 2 demo
08 Cicle Of Muck
09 Combo Rev
10 MIRABALism 2006
11 All-In-Flux demo
12 Lilac Vine Ale demo
13 Malapriapism
14 Unquenchable Hereinafter
15 Care Bare Stairs
16 Native Fluctuations
17 Calico Sunbeam
18 Re-Coder demo
19 Dualist Recapitulation
20 Turducken demo
21 Centum Sentience
22 Font Of Clavicles
23 Jellied Bend
24 Vulpus Vulgate
25 Lila Thunk
26 Jobro Axent demo
27 Naïfancée Rôtisserie
28 Physical Richness
29 Rhumba Shivers
30 L'Énergie Concentrée
31 Tristango demo
32 Trying To Make Nice
33 Gherao The Sensorium
34 Paper Flower Throughput

Gun At Ear
01 Bower Pallid
02 Vagitus
03 Unevenly Spread
04 Carnivalorous
05 Haüs Slāvz
06 Black Ice Kalpa
07 Scenestar
08 Wormhole Ridgewalker
09 Fizgig
10 New Timey Hollers
11 Bang-Up
12 Banda Id
13 Bogomillipedes
14 Dystopian Ekstases
15 Trove
16 Wingbeats Aflunter
17 c0m0 t3 m4m4
18 Bossa Supernova
19 ugo + runagate La Charanga Demolishious
20 deaf dunderkwac Unknowingly Plays Along
21 Corea's Fiesta (cover of Chick Corea)
22 Orchestral Bits
23 What Predictability? (Syntendo demo)

Driven Under The All-In-Flux
01 Grotta della Pace Discothèques
02 StageSweeper
03 {s}Narq Hunt
04 Outrégeous BeehivEeyore
05 Orphic Dulcet
06 Kludenik Kibbitzer
07 How Much Do I Not Give A?
08 FSUniversity
09 Twitch Ritual
10 Peaking In Sponge
11 Prosperity Laptop
12 Entrée To Furthering
13 Muph
15 Ball Sequence
16 Aisha Minor
17 Symptomatic Beats
18 LittleMeeseTurn Guitar
19 Stride Up In It
20 Sawn Snog
21 Vektrashed
22 WetWare
23 Neuro-Romance À Clef
24 Spartacus remix
25 Chorale Celestial

*reup- Stolen Timespace
01 Zynewave Nucleum Demo
02 Fizgig
03 Twitch Ritual
04 Outrégeous BeehivEeyore
05 Symptomatic Beats
06 c0m0 t3 m4m4
07 Cicle Of Muck
08 Ball Sequence
09 Orphic Dulcet
10 Kludenik Kibbitzer
11 Centum Sentience
12 FSUniversity
13 Quantum Entanglements
14 Frankenstein 2 demo
15 Bitterns, Relinquish Thine Ionic Halides
16 Peaking In Sponge
17 Chorale Celestial
18 Paper Flower Throughput

Recursions: remixes & covers
01 Japanese Space Program vs. runagate
02 3am Obstacles Overcome remix
03 Jazzyspoon No Way No How runadub remix
04 liqih La Charanga Demolishious remix
05 deaf dunderkwac Unknowingly Plays Along
06 3am Plague-Locked Loop
07 Laguna Rising AntechamberNG remix
08 polyslax Rubbergate
09 Jazzyspoon Batik Poultice Gravity Remix
10 gigawatt Everything's Ruined FNM/remix
11 rachMiel Busted Movement
12 Leck mich im Arsch canon 231
13 Spartacus remix
14 gigawatt El Rey Da Muerte (la reina remix)
15 synthgeek Clearance Sale remix
16 3am No Way No How remix
17 liqih Blashpheromone Salsa remix
18 ugo Cosying Up remix
19 3am + Jazzyspoon Perception remix
20 synthgeek Sprung Thaw still cold at night
21 Zombie Queen kowtow balaklava unplugged
22 Laguna Rising False Flag remix
23 What Predictability? Syntendo demo
00 Laguna Rising ZoWie WoWie

Biggie Pearl
00 Stride Up In It
01 Heartdried (vocal demo)
02 Nonrectilinear Dance
03 Flauting Convextion
04 Wiggin' Out
05 Art We Not Deco?
06 Unilate, Multislacker
07 Jilt Crud
08 Kleptochondriacs
09 Bleeping Fey
10 Or Not 2 Pac, Man?
11 Phat-Stealers
12 Quantum Entanglements
13 Schiamacacchinations
14 Rebootilicious (scratch vox)
15 Locomotiv Astronoumena Caboostier
16 EightySixtyNine
17 Vox Copuli
18 Dystopian Ekstases
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Word-Feat Ear-Tweak
homesite of runagate
Best of... 2004-2009 is
for those who don't want
to download a gigabyte
of albums but want a
sample of what
morphing, holophonic
music is all about.  A
second, more
best-of collection is also
available, titled
Stolen Timespace"
the bottom of the page)

Bleeping Ledge conjoins
a lot of my most recent
music & most advanced
sound design.  Timbral
morphing, wildly
automated effects and
3D soundstaging

began as the default EP
where I stuck everything I
didn't have space on an
album for.  There's many,
many short pieces and
strange experiments

Gun At Ear is probably
my most accessible
collection of songs

Driven Under The
entheogenic audio made
with an ear for
mind-altering effects.

Biggie Pearl was my first
computer-created album,
meticulously planned-out
beforehand.  Though it
took forever it turned out
largely how I'd hoped &
taught me a great deal of
the technique I now use.  
Created on a 1 Ghz
Pentium III PC it took 8
months to mix as well as
you hear here, and
looking back on the
project files I laugh at the
sheer innocence,
ameteurishness and
sysiphean workload.

*reup- Stolen
is another
best-of collection of
sorts, this one compiling
the long-form rubato
soundscapes and more
ambient, though still
compositions I've made
thus far.

Recursions compiles a
mix of songs I've
remixed, songs of mine
remixed by other artists
and "cover" songs I've
done:  The "Full House"
theme song and an
obscure Mozart piece
insulting the French.  
Remix/-ed artists include
3am, polyslax, rachMiel,
Jazzyspoon, gigawatt,
ugo,  liqih, deaf
dunderkwac, Laguna
Rising, synthgeek & a
genius "a capella remix"
by Zombie Queen!