freeware made with SynthEdit

This is a link to where I store
some demo song mp3s and
pics of my plug-ins' GUIs:

secret archive

My friend blortblort made a song
using many of my new plug-ins,
you should check it out as both
a demo of these sounds and a
funky-ass song in it's own right -
I love it!

Madder Than You on SoundClick

"time funnel (cake) mp3


Here's a rather long essay
about the different methods
between what real code
engineers and a data-bending
madman like myself do when
making a plug-in:

SE essay
runagate's amateurish freeware VSTs:

Evil Alliance VSTs made with de la Mancha - click here to get CombOver VST

New: recent updates VSTs package all-in-one download

This here is Poindexter,. an FSU-type delay wherein a stereo pair of delays is modulated by an LFO, a choice of strange
algorithms and combinations thereof.  Do not taunt happy fun ball.
Poindexter v0.1.3 VST & user manual

These are works in progress for you to play with while I test them out.   But look at the skin de la Mancha made for me - sweet,
innit?  v0.3 is much like the original.  v0.4 has, instead of 2 signal chains that you mix, the signal chains vocode one another
(making it a bit more like Anemic Naif, which is also in the process of being updated).
Turducken VST v0.3 & v0.4 updates

Here is a new alpha project provisionally named "Matrixulate" - a 4-tap delay with a modulation matrix.
Try it out, let me know what you think:
Matrixulate v0.1 alpha preview

After Jack Dark released the SynthEdit source files of his VSTs my homie a mod of JD's Shattershot VST.  Here's my homage
to Mister Liquid, called
Mistress Liquifaction:

CombOver VST v0.4 update is a pitch-detection-modulated set of 5 comb filters with a sound reminiscent of my old Narcissus
+ Echo and Dirty Sanchez fx, but actually controllable!  The manual does not reflect this change - ignore the note about the first
slider of the bottom step seq being the only feedback controller, it all works now). A version created in conjunction with de la
Mancha is coming soon!
CombOver v01+ v03 & user manual
CombOver v04 update

An FSU delay with modulation provided by ADSR, envelope follower and zero-crossing detector.  Read the included Read Me
Narcissus + Echo FSU VSTfx

Similar modulation  and VFC capabilities as Narcissus, but harder to control.  Seriously, read the included text file.
Dirty Sanchez FSU VSTfx

Anemic Naif was designed to be an audio-tracking vocoder effect for drums.  A much less primitive circuit bending effect is de
la Mancha's Bent VST
Anemic Naif (de la Mancha mod) VSTfx

This is an update to the original Filter! It now has more stable modulation options.
Quack Smoke Filter v06 VST update & user manual

Here's the alpha version of my FM vocoder FSU effect:
Re-Coder VST and manual download

This one is an effect based on phase modulation, ringmod & pitch-tracking self-modulation:
Turducken VST and manual download

This is an ill-formed phaser, but the spacey depth of phaser is impressive.
Another freeware alpha version.
PhaseRotor VST v03 & presets

Here's an update to RotorPhaser, now alpha version 0.6.  This new version is a very different beast, however!  It also has a
default patchbank & a manual of sorts.
PhaseRotor VST v06 update

Anemic Naïf is now updated to version 1.2.0, and the most substantial change is that it now tracks the pitch of incoming
audio, so feed it melodic audio.
Anemic Naïf v1.2.0 & User Manual

Finally, this download updates Re-Coder, my FSU vocoding effect, to version 0.2  This is effect's sound depends a lot on the
incoming audio it's being fed.
Re-Coder v02 VST & user manual

This is another update, making Turducken version 0.2  which tracks audio better, with an all-new preset bank
Turducken VST v02 & user manual