runagate cover by eric wistrand (ew)

A song created using nothing but 9 instances of insertpizhere's Mr. Alias 2

My first micro-ditty of 2009
Interoception Bemusement

My submission for the sample remix contest:
Futz Schmucks Über

A composition created in honor of the site debut:
Paper Flower Throughput

My first soudscape using Reaktor 5 & Absynth 4
Centum Sentience

See the news page for info on Drumity's "MIRABA - set paintings to music"
project, of which these are my first two contributions:  
runagate - MIRABAlism 2006 mp3
MIRABAlism wav
runagate - L'Énergie Concentrée 2008
L'Énergie Concentrée wav

I didn't get this "Speed"-themed song uploaded in time for the June KVR
contest, so I'll just toss it out here as I like Miles'Tone VSTi so much:
runagate - Batik Poultice
Batik Poultice wav version (20 mb)

I made this while beta-testing an update to Ugo's Disturbance VSTi:
Hadronic Coquette Embechure (fixed mix)

Here's a demo of xoxos' Circuit VSTi:  Care Bare Stairs

Grotta della Pace Discothèques

Ciselante Dirigible

Jökul-Hop Abridged

Elk Helmet²

{s}Narq Hunt


Shuddering Dewdroplet

Goes Up Hard

Merkin Fiberoptique

Quantum Entaglements

Bower Pallid

Here's a little ditty made using Ugo's Dualism, M-Theory and Disturbance
Dualist Recapitulation

Here's a little demo of de la Mancha's upcoming erratic2 VSTi:
erratic2 preview
It's just feeding some fairly generic midi rhythms into the VST.

A couple of old Important Seizures Of Vienna songs I recently re-discovered
on a CD-R.  Me on vocals/VSTs or AirFx; Ted Smith III on guitar (and
Chinese erhu), and Dave Hase (nee Stender) on drums.

Important Seizures Of Vienna -
0bit Resolution

Important Seizures Of Vienna - Dreamscape Viscosity

here's a link to the runagate music purchase page on
where you can
buy my albums and purchase ringtones (!?) and here's
applets that stream entire albums for free:
morphing all sounds and expectations
mp3 downloads, song-streaming applets, puchase links

Now I've got music uploaded on last*fm
There's a few songs on this embedded player
and more on
runagate music on last*fm

Here's links to 3 "albums" of mine on Last.FM,
their applets let you steam full tracks and albums
but I haven't figured out how to embed the mp3
player applets on this page: .

runagate - Gun At Ear

runagate - Driven Under The All-In-Flux

runagate - Démodémiourgós EP
Word-Feat Ear-Tweak
homesite of runagate