Developers and their VST plug-ins for which I've designed patches:

VST Developers:  feel free to email me, or PM me on KVR, if you'd like me to
design some presets for you.  More often than not I'm not too swamped with
projects.  I especially invite freeware-makers to get in touch anytime.

de la Mancha (octav8r, jellyfish, metamorph, erratic²)

Sinkmusic + de la Mancha's machin probabalistic multifx VST

ugo (Ironhead v1 & v1.5, M-Theory, Dualism,

moppel (Sonitarium VSTi)

xoxos (isnonu, gun)

spacedad (Frankenstein v1 & v2)

doveraudio (6beat6, nonameyet, S&H Machine, soundkill semi-auto, prob

Obertone Audio's physiX  (unsolicted, found through link on top left)

krakli  Richman2 VSTi (unsolicted, found through link on top left)

odo synths Kick Me Too (unsolicted, found through link on top left)

Johan Sarge Lost Technology

Jack Dark The Hands Of Darkness Clenched

NUSofting Acidome

SKNote (Quinto Sardo) Voices VSTi, Grainz VSTi

novaflash phasm VSTi

pluggotic (C.d.P.) NanoX and NanoX2

jobromedia Axent

BRB's 6Beat6 Vsti

Zynewave's Nucleum VSTi patchbank / demo mp3
Patch Design Projects
Old preset links:

page of old patchbank links
Word-Feat Ear-Tweak
homesite of runagate

BRB 6beat6 VSTi patchbank

odo Kick Me Too VSTi patchbank

Obertone PhysiX VSTi patchbank

krakli Richman2 patchbank
xoxos Isnonu VSTi patchbank

moppel Sonitarium VSTi patchbank

xoxos gun VSTi presets 1